Cannabis and Patient Care for Pharmacists (CCCEP)




This course is accredited for pharmacists in Canada as per the CCCEP requirements for Cannabis and Patient Care in Pharmacy. It is comprised of 7 separate units touching on distinct concepts. Your knowledge and understanding of the content will be assessed and evaluated by completing a series of quizzes at the end of each unit as well as a final examination at the end of the course.

CCCEP Program Number: 1506-2019-2829-I-P

# of CEUs: 4

Cost: $95.00

Learning Objectives

LO 1: Describe and apply the professional competencies for Canadian pharmacists in the context of cannabis and patient care.

LO 2: Understand the history and major components of the Federal and Provincial/Territorial laws governing medical and recreational cannabis in Canada.

LO 3: List and define the chemical constituents and different administration methods of cannabis.

LO 4: Understand the anatomy and physiology of the endocannabinoid system.

LO 5: Classify and define the different types of cannabinoids.

LO 6: Describe the potential therapeutic roles of cannabis and the associated level of available supportive evidence.

LO 7: Understand the major aspects related to the clinical applications of medical cannabis and use the knowledge to play an active role in the provision of medical cannabis within the scope of pharmacy.

LO 8: Problem solve and apply the knowledge and understanding acquired throughout the course in the context of case studies.

This course is accredited for pharmacists in Canada as per the CCCEP requirements for Cannabis and Patient Care in Pharmacy as well as is OCP-approved to meet the cannabis education requirement for pharmacists in Ontario.